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This remix is the Jay-Z “99 Problems” acapella blended with the Nas “Thief’s Theme” instrumental. Enjoy!


For those who missed the Tidal concert! Can’t wait until the full footage is released…


Actually found a CD quality version of this track while digging through some old CDs. Unreleased material from the Blueprint era. Enjoy!

Damn, first Funkmaster Flex goes on an anti-Jay-Z rant, with thousands of bomb drops. Started off talking about how Jay-Z’s writer for his website stole his app idea and then it goes even further!

Then Dip Set reunites and drops the following freestyle over the “Victory” instrumental, dropping more subliminals at the Jigga man!

Will Jay-Z respond? Stay tuned!


A mix I completed earlier this year with some uptempo east coast party-ish tracks and album cuts. Enjoy!


Original version of Jay-Z’s Dip Set diss from “Kingdom Come”. This instrumental later on appeared on Fabolous’s “From Nothing To Something” album.

Unreleased Jay-Z/Timbaland track from the Blueprint 2 era. This originally hit mixtapes but never a CD quality retail release. It’s a shame because this is one of my favorite tracks by him.

A few years ago, a pre-teen Chiraq rapper by the name of Lil’ Mouse popularized a move called “The Money Dance” on his viral hit “Get Smoked”. It grew virally, even being name dropped by Rick Ross when he said “I don’t bop I do the money dance” on Jay-Z’s Magna Carter LP.

I was a fan of this dance because 01. it is ignorant and 02. I can actually do it. However, a strong new contender has emerged. In the new song “Hot Nigga”, NYC rapper Bobby Shmurda has unleashed the curiously titled “Shmoney Dance”. I’m not quite sure what the exact steps are, but it looks funny.

Which dance do you prefer? Pick one and one one! I think “The Money Dance” is a little easier for me to do.



This is a re-upload of a mixtape that I did in 2013. This mixtape featured tracks that sample TV and movie theme songs. I thought it was a creative effort and got a good response, so take a listen and let me know what you think.


What’s good yall? I’m in the process of making the change from to and to start this off, I’m re-uploading some of my last mixtapes. Enjoy and stick with me as I make improvements in the blogging experience…