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Video for Stalley’s “Boyz-N-Da Hood” inspired track “Jackin’ Chevys”. Last year he had the summer anthem of 2013 (IMO) with “Swangin'”, so let’s see if he can recreate the magic.


Even though I am a DJ, I rarely have that much interest in the MTV music awards, or any awards show for that matter. I always felt like the music that is popular in the streets is never accurately represented on these type of shows.

I also have similar feelings towards Beyonce. I acknowledge that she is probably the best current entertainer living. However, I feel like I’m not the intended target audience for her type of music. As somebody who grew up on Too Short and Snoop Dogg, I just never felt right bumping “Irreplaceable” (unless it is the version that I remixed here):

However, I just so happened to catch the MTV awards on 08/24/2014, and Beyonce took any bias that I wanted to have towards her and tap danced on it like Gregory Hines. She covered her entire 2013 release in one concise action packed sequence with no breaks. She didn’t miss a single note (as far as I can tell). She had shiny upside down asses, “Drunk In Love” leg kicks, and the attention of an audience who was previously texting throughout the show. To cap it all off, we caught a glimpse of Diva-In-Training Blue Ivy dancing along to her mother’s tunes:

Anybody who knows me, knows that I’ve been a Laker’s fan most of my life. So naturally, Kobe Bryant is one of my favorite players of all time. In honor of his 36th birthday, I will share some of my favorite Kobe memories.

Best Scoring Performance

Damn shame how Kobe Bryant lit up the Raptors for 81 points off of mostly mid range jumpers. Sheesh!

Best Fight

Even though Chris Childs landed a crushing blow to the chin, Kobe ate that punch, contrary to popular belief.

Best Rap

Brian McKnight is cool, but Mamba swagged all over this track.

Best Shoe

It took me a couple years to finally land a pair at a reasonable price, but it was well worth the wait! My favorite pair of shoes that I own.

Thanks for the memories Bean. Wishing you a speedy return to form for the 2014-2015 season!

Since I have rebranded my blog as, the post that has received the most hits was my “Shmoney Dance vs Money Dance” post. As a result, this is a shameless post of Shmoney Dance talk.

Ironically, the dance is nothing new. Just a standard old man drunken two step. Hell, even Chris Tucker did it over a decade ago in the Michael Jackson video “You Rock My World”.

It also served as Puffy’s go-to move in the 90s, as shown in the “Flava In Ya Ear” remix video.

And since we are the subject of Diddy dances…

Another Mercury Remix! This time I used Hurricane Chris’s “Ratchet” beat blended with Yo Gotti’s “Get Right”. Check it out!


I blended the acapella to Aaliyah’s “One In A Million” with Drake’s “All Me”. I think it came out pretty good! Check it out…

This version of the song is cool, but I prefer the Cam’ron, Young Dro, and Vado version…


This is a re-upload of a mixtape I did around the anniversary of Biggie’s death. This mix highlights collaborations that Biggie has done with female artists and songs by females that sampled his work. Enjoy!