Posted: July 17, 2014 in Music
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A few years ago, a pre-teen Chiraq rapper by the name of Lil’ Mouse popularized a move called “The Money Dance” on his viral hit “Get Smoked”. It grew virally, even being name dropped by Rick Ross when he said “I don’t bop I do the money dance” on Jay-Z’s Magna Carter LP.

I was a fan of this dance because 01. it is ignorant and 02. I can actually do it. However, a strong new contender has emerged. In the new song “Hot Nigga”, NYC rapper Bobby Shmurda has unleashed the curiously titled “Shmoney Dance”. I’m not quite sure what the exact steps are, but it looks funny.

Which dance do you prefer? Pick one and one one! I think “The Money Dance” is a little easier for me to do.



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